Region of Western Macedonia, GR - Lead Partner

The Region of Western Macedonia after the recent administrative reform is the coordinator beneficiary of the LIFE project PINDOS / GREVENA as heir to the abolished Prefecture of Grevena.

Development Agency of Grevena (ANGRE),GR


The Prefecture of Grevena, the Municipalities of Grevena and Deskati, the Municipalities and Communities Association of Grevena (TEDK), the Union of Agricultural Cooperatives of Grevena, the Agriculture Association of Deskati, the Chamber of Commerce of Grevena and the Development Agency of Kozani (AN.KO S.A) founded the Regional Development Company of Grevena in the year 1998. The purpose of the company was to contribute to the development, utilization, management, maintenance and protection of the natural resources of Grevena district. The total capital stock amount is 293,000.00 €.

The Regional Development Agency of Grevena AnGre S.A. is enlisted in the category of the Local Administration, it operates according to the rules of the joint-stock companies and it is ruled by the eleven members of the Board of Directors, which is elected by the General Assembly of the shareholders of the company.

"AN.GRE S.A." currently employs 13 people (economist, agronomist, engineers etc) and a large number of external cooperators.

Director of the Board of Directors is Mr. Dimosthenis Kouptsidis.

Main Activities

▪ In the framework of the Integrated development project of rural region "Mountainous Grevena-Voio» funding by the Ministry of rural development and food, AnGre S.A. managing the implementation of public and private investigations in the field of rural tourism.

▪ The company participates in the implementation of the project "An integrated intervention for the rehabilitation of Duzce" (Turkey) approved for funding under the "Marmara Earthquake rehabilitation Programme" (Europeaid-MEDA).

▪ The company participates as action line coordinator in the innovation actions in West Macedonia under the title "Knowledge clusters in West Macedonia" in the field of development of new products and / or manufacturing process and / or methods in the Wood sector

The company is the Leader in the implementation of the Project: Agricultural Entrepreneurship in Pindos Area, which aims to create an integrated system of structures and support services for the development of local entrepreneurship at the agricultural sector in the isolated areas of mount Pindos. The project constitutes Action of Community Initiative of Equal.

The company is the coordinator and administrator of programme (chef de file): Mediterranean Observatory for the Durable Tourism. The aim of the project is the promotion of innovative model of tourism through the maintenance of cultural identity, the protection of environment and natural resources.

"Angre SA." has elaborated a lot of studies. In the field of environment has prepared a Special Environmental Study for the protection and integrated management of the Veneticos river area in cooperation with the NGO Hellenic Ornithological Society.

National Agricultural Research Foundation / Forest Research Institute (NAGREF/FRI),GR


The National Agricultural Research Foundation (N.AG.RE.F.) includes a specialized scientific staff of significant research capacity with modern laboratory and field infrastructure at their disposal. N.AG.RE.F. supports and coordinates initiatives for development suggested by the Ministry of Agriculture, the agricultural cooperatives, product distributors, producers groups etc. New scientific knowledge and technical innovations are directed towards creating a dynamic and competitive agriculture which is protective of the environment and capable of providing excellent and inexpensive nutrition for the people.

The Forest Research Institute (FRI) was established in 1963 by the Ministry of Agriculture and belongs today to the National Agricultural Research Foundation (NAGREF) that is the national organism charged to promote the agricultural research in Greece. The FRI is one of the only two multidisciplinary Institutes in Greece that covering through research, consultation and special studies all branches of Forestry science. It has a long tradition in conducting research and studies, advising people and government in forestry policy and in producing tree material for afforestations. Nowadays, with 20 researchers and 25 technicians and administrative staff assisted by about the same number of non-permanent persons (young researchers and PhD and master students), the FRI is involved in numerous projects funded by the Greek government, the European Union (COST, FAIR, LIFE, ENV. & CLIMATE, EESD), the NATO, bilateral national cooperation and the private sector. Also, its role as advisor of the forestry policy of the Greek government and regional forestry administration allow the best possible collaboration with end-users in Greece.

CALLISTO, Wildlife And Nature Conservation Society, GR

Callisto color GR sm

"CALLISTO" is a new Environmental NGO (a civil, not-for-profit society), which was founded in Thessaloniki, Greece, in July 2004.

Main activities of CALLISTO include:

  • Conservation of biodiversity and of areas of high natural and aesthetic value, with emphasis on mountainous ecosystems and forests in Greece, the Balkans and other neighbouring countries.
  • Study, conservation and management of wild fauna populations, especially of large carnivores (bear, wolf, lynx, jackal) that inhabit the above areas.
  • Elaboration and implementation of projects for the protection and management of wildlife and the natural environment.
  • Information, awareness raising, and activation of the public for imposing control on the decision-making centres regarding environmental issues.
  • Development of environmental education and training programs.
  • Development of voluntarism to serve conservation actions.
  • Support for the establishment and operation of Protected Areas and Ecological Networks, in order to preserve biodiversity, as well as the natural and cultural heritage.
  • Development of scientific research and its applications as well as building national, trans-Balkan and international cooperation and networking for the above purposes

Staff members of CALLISTO include experts with long experience and specialisation in the field of nature conservation. They have developed the proposals, co-ordinated and supervised the implementation of several conservation and environmental awareness raising projects, including five previous LIFE Nature projects: "Protection and Management of the Population and Habitats of the Brown Bear (Ursus arctos) in Greece (1st phase)" (LIFE93NAT/GR/010800), "Conservation of brown bear and its habitats in Greece (second phase)» (LIFE96NAT/GR/003222), "Conservation of Canis lupus and its habitats in Greece" (LIFE97/NAT/GR/4249), "Implementation of Management Plans in Gramos and Rodopi Areas, Greece" (LIFE99NAT/GR/006498), and "Conservation Actions in the Northern Pindos National Park, Greece" (LIFE2003/NAT/GR/000089).

Although the NGO is recently established, nevertheless has already completed successfully seven different environmental projects (total cost: 181.438 euro) and is currently running another twelve projects (with a total budget of 1.306.375 euro), expected to be completed by the end of 2008. Most of the projects CALLISTO has already completed or is currently running deal with conservation of large carnivores. In one of the already completed projects, CALLISTO was subcontracted by IEA, the coordinating beneficiary of the LIFE-Nature project LIFE04NAT/IT/000144, for preparing an environmental education tool for the wolf (Canis lupus).