About the Project

Project title: Demonstration of Conservation Actions for Ursus arctos* and habitat type 9530* in Northern Pindos N.P., Grevena Prefecture, Greece

Project acronym : PINDOS/GREVENA
Country: Greece
Administrative region: Dytiki Macedonia GR13
Start date: 1st January 2009
End date: 30th June 2012

Total project budget: 1.153.561, 00 €


EC financial contribution requested: 865.170, 75 € (= 75 % of total eligible budget)

The project contributes to the management of the Northern Pindos National Park, through implementation of best practices and demonstration of conservation and awareness raising actions in part of it, which comprises three NATURA 2000 sites (pSCIs and SPA).

Conservation and awareness raising actions include:

  • Demonstration of conservation actions improving the priority forest habitat type 9530* conservation status, through sustainable and innovative management practices in favor also of global biodiversity levels and Ursus arctos* conservation status in the project area.
  • Demonstration of conservation actions improving the Ursus arctos* conservation status in terms of habitat condition and population trends.
  • Information and awareness raising campaign addressing specific target groups on the added values both targeted species and habitat type are representing for the targeted area.
  • Transfer of know-how on specific and concrete monitoring and management tools dealing with the targeted species and habitat type to all relevant local authorities including the park authorities.
  • Installation of a sustainable unit dealing with a certain category of preventive measures.
  • Establishment and improvement of the supporting infrastructure and facilities for the sustainable management of the national park visitors.

Project Area Map of the General Location of the Project Area

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